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30 Days to finish your screenplay! Think you can do it? We do. And we've set up steps, assignments, and objectives to help you do so.

Join your fellow writers and take the 30-Day Challenge. Our industry is evolving and the competition is steep. It's time that you learn how to develop a script as quickly as possible, but also how to make that script worthy of submission.

With the ISA's 30-Day Screenwriting Challenge Unlimited, you'll have the tools to not only finish a script in 30 days, but to receive the most comprehensive education on the screenwriting and entertainment business. You will have lifetime access to the content and thus be able to utilize the lessons and assignments for as many personal 30-Day Challenges as you like.

Get Ready to Write!

Let's make this simple. 
We need to be writing every day. Writers need to know how to utilize their time, and how to get the most out of their writing sessions. Most of us have day jobs, parenting responsibilities, or extra-curricular promises that tend to chip away at the available hours of every day, much less the so-called creative energy it takes to sit our butts down and crank out our next story. Like any other creative or business venture, you need a plan AND a finite goal even before you sit down to do the work. With the 30-Day Screenwriting Challenge Unlimited, we have not only set up such a plan and goal, but we've given you a structured framework within which you will be able to approach the completion of a screenplay (feature or TV) in 30 days or less. In this 30-Day Challenge, we are giving you a series of written lectures, audio recordings, assignments, and daily inspiration that will get you organized, prepared, and working. It's all here for you, but now it's up to you to get the work done.

Are you up to the challenge? We think you are.

The instructions, assignments, written lectures and audio recordings have been created and designed by the ISA's Max Timm and his Story Farm Development and Coaching Service.

Let the Challenge Begin!

If you're looking for more long-term support from Max and the ISA, you can inquire about Max's year-long Personal Coaching and Development Service called The Story Farm - designed to get your material not only industry-ready, but submitted to the ISA's industry contacts. Space is very limited, and per application only, but it is the most comprehensive, support and feedback-oriented one-on-one consulting service you will find, anywhere, period.

The ISA Development Slate

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Lead Mentor and Instructor

Max Timm

The Director of Education with the International Screenwriters’ Association, President of The Story Farm, and VP of Development for Creative Screenwriter Prods, Max has over 16 years of experience in developing material and writers’ careers. Having attended Holy Cross College at Notre Dame and then transferring to Columbia College Chicago to study screenwriting and producing, Max is a Midwesterner and Chicagoan at heart who prides himself on supporting creative people in as many ways possible. Recently he helped build a development slate with the ISA, submitting writers’ projects on their behalf and helping them launch their careers – over 30 writers have received options and/or representation to date because of Max and the Development Slate team's support. His Story Farm consulting service develops writers (from novice to professional) and their material much like a studio executive or manager would, and his online classes, titled The Craft Course in Screenwriting, offer writers outside the Los Angeles area to take part in professional full development. A development consultant, producer, and screenwriting instructor, Max is a screenwriter and author himself. His debut novel, a young adult fantasy adventure titled The WishKeeper, about a teenage fairy with broken wings, won the young adult category of the 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival and released nationwide in the Summer of 2016. He is now shopping the IP as an animated TV series. Max has also served as a part-time instructor at UCLA, and travels nationally speaking at a multitude of industry events such as the Sundance Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Fest, Nashville Writers Conference, and even educating art program teachers through the LA Unified School District. You can find out more about Max's Story Farm Development Coaching Service at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1 - Voice, Loglines, and Establishing Your Concept

    • Challenge Introduction - Getting Started

    • Voice, and Voice Pressure Points

    • Audio: Voice - Finding It, Evolving It, Embracing It

    • Assignment: Voice Pressure Points

    • The Logline - Yes, It's Extremely Important

    • Logline Breakdown Process

    • Audio: Logline Breakdown Process

    • Assignment: Write (and Rewrite) Your Loglines

    • See You Tomorrow!

    • Who is Max Timm?

  • 2

    Day 2 - Story Bullets & The Beginning of Structural Writing

    • Your Logline As A Loaded Gun

    • Your Hero and The Emotional Flaw

    • Audio: Your Hero & Emotional Flaw

    • The Secondary Helper (Supporting Character, Supporting the Hero’s Arc)

    • The Rival, Threat and/or Opponent

    • 2nd Act Series of Obstacles

    • Sequence Writing and Prepping the 1st Act

    • Audio: Sequence Writing and Prepping The 1st Act

    • Assignments: 1st Act, and Character Set-Up

    • Update - Q & A!

  • 3

    Day 3 - Sequence Writing & Breaking Your Story From A Character Perspective

    • Where To Begin

    • The Villain, Rival, Opponent - Whatever He's Called! How is this Character Related to the Secondary Character?

    • An Easy Assignment...Just Listen!

    • Episode 1 of The Craft - Sequence 1 Breakdown - "We Need A Hero"

    • Episode 2 of The Craft - Sequence 2 Breakdown - "Setting It All Up"

    • Episode 3 of The Craft - Sequence 3 Breakdown - "The Unsung Hero"

    • Episode 6 of The Craft - "A Sidenote for the TV Writer"

    • Structural/Beat Breakdown and Outline

    • Assignments: Sequence Loglines

  • 4

    Day 4 - Continued Sequence Writing

    • You've Barely Begun, But...

    • Max Timm's Writer Success Stories and How You Can Be A Success Too

  • 5

    Day 5 - Moment Listing, the 2nd Act, and Breaking Down Stranger Things

    • The 2nd Act, Moment By Moment

    • Audio: The 2nd Act, Moment By Moment

    • The Difference Between "Adventure" & "Journey"

    • The Craft Podcast - Sequence 4 Breakdown. "The Promise of the Premise"

    • The Craft Podcast - Sequence 5 Breakdown. "Success, Failure & the Villain"

    • The Craft Podcast - Sequence 6 Breakdown - "The Mid-Point"

    • Moment Listing - Your Story Outline

    • Sequence Titles

    • Assignments: Writing Your Script in Outline Form

    • Special Edition: Breaking Down Stranger Things

    • Stranger Things - The Pilot

  • 6

    Day 6 - Continued Moment Listing and Building Your Outline

    • Just Keep Going

    • Connecting with The ISA and Our Writing Gigs

  • 7

    Day 7 - The Downward Spiral - Delivering the End of Your 2nd Act

    • A Couple Disclaimers Before We Start

    • Leading Up To The Low Point

    • The Craft Podcast - Sequence 7 Breakdown - "The Doomed Honeymoon"

    • The Craft Podcast - Sequence 8 Breakdown - "Love, Conflict, and Losing It"

    • The Craft Podcast - Sequence 9 Breakdown - "The Dark Night of The Soul"

    • The Point of A Scene

    • Audio: The Point of A Scene

    • Assignment: Scene Writing Within Your Outline

  • 8

    Day 8 - And Now, For the Final Act...

    • Stating Theme and Your 3rd Act

    • Audio: Stating Theme and Your 3rd Act

    • The Craft Podcast - Sequences 10 & 11 Breakdown - "Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?"

    • The Craft Podcast - Sequence 12 Breakdown - "It's Not About the Victory"

    • Assignment: Still Going!

  • 9

    Day 9 - Great Dialogue, Killer Action, and Proper Formatting

    • What Makes For Great Dialogue?

    • Audio: What Makes For Great Dialogue?

    • Action!

    • Proper Screenplay Format

    • Assignment: Page Writing - Finally!

  • 10

    Day 10 – You're On Your Way - A Quick Word and Summary

    • What Now? And What Should You Expect?

    • Audio: The Craft - "A Note on Motivation - Is It All Worth It?"

    • Audio: Pursuing a Wish and Manifesting Success

  • 11

    Day 11 - Education and Insights with!

    • Are You Writing?

    • - Writing the TV Pilot: Does Your Character Need to Change?

    • - Their Launch Pad Launches Writing Careers!

  • 12

    Day 12 - Tick Tock! The Story Farm is Here to Help...

    • You Have 432 Hours Left! Time Crunch Brought to You by The Story Farm.

    • What is The Story Farm?

    • A Basic How-To for Planning Your Writing Year

  • 13

    Day 13 - Defining "Story"

    • The Hook, Emotion, and Why You Write

    • You're Not Going To Win An Oscar...

  • 14

    Day 14 - Spotlighting The Pro's

    • Max Timm Interviews Screenwriting Icon, Paul Haggis

    • TV Writer, Lewaa Nasserdeen, The Goldbergs and Beyond

    • Max Timm Interviews Oscar Nominee, Virginia Madsen

  • 15

    Day 15 - Half-Way There with MovieBytes!

    • Momentum with MovieBytes

    • ​Are Screenplay Contests Worth the Money?

  • 16

    Day 16 - Education and Invaluable Insight from

    • What is

    • 5 Questions to Help You Find Your Inciting Incident

    • The 6 Most Common Logline Mistakes

    • Stuck in the Middle: 4 Methods for Advancing Your 2nd Act

    • 4 Ways to Tackle the Third Act of Your Screenplay

    • Offers from!

  • 17

    Day 17 - More From Max Timm's, The Story Farm

    • Some Insights on Page Writing

    • Scene Example #1 - Arthur and the Parachute

    • Scene #2 - Reacting To The World

    • Scene Example #2 - Arthur and The Woods

    • Scene #3 - One-Page Flaw Confrontation

    • Scene Example #3 - Arthur and the Girl

    • Answers: Where In The World Is Arthur?

  • 18

    Day 18 - Industry Interviews with the ISA and Max Timm

    • Interview with Top TV Producer (Scrubs, Cougar Town, Scorpion), Danny Rose

    • Create Your Career W/ Veteran CAA Agent & TV Producer, Tony Krantz

    • TV Writing Essentials with David Rambo, Co-Exec Producer On Empire

  • 19

    Day 19 - Continued Industry Insights from Curious About Screenwriting and Max Timm

    • Writing The Thriller & More With Crimson Peak Writer, Matthew Robbins

    • Mentoring Insights From the Writer/Producer of Trumbo and TV's Aquarius, John McNamara

    • Pixar Story Insights From Inside Out Writer, Meg Lefauve

  • 20

    Day 20 - Max Timm's Book on Screenwriting

    • (Not Just) Another Book on The Craft of Screenwriting

    • (Not Just) Another Book on The Craft of Screenwriting - Chapters 1 & 2

  • 21

    Day 21 - The ISA Approach to Submitting to Contests

    • The ISA Approach to Education and Screenplay Contests

    • The ISA's Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Contest

    • Table Read My Screenplay Contest

    • ISA's Fast Track Fellowship

    • A Little Helpful Advice from the ISA Contests

  • 22

    Day 22 - An Education from Top Consultants

    • Screenwriting Rules: How and When To Break Them with Pilar Alessandra

    • Mythic Tools for Screenwriters with Pamela Jaye Smith and Max Timm

    • 16 Things To Do After You Finish Your Screenplay

    • Bill Boyle's Mindscape Technique

  • 23

    Day 23 - The #1 Screenwriting Software - Final Draft

    • The Final Draft Story

    • How To Be A Fan of Your Own Work

    • The Writing Zone: How to Find it and Sustain It

    • How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Create

    • Video: Robert McKee 2017 Final Draft Awards Acceptance Speech

  • 24

    Day 24 - Pitching and Breaking In To Hollywood

    • The Pitch – Yourself, Your Project, Your Career

    • Breaking in To Hollywood

  • 25

    Day 25 - An Audio Lecture on The Power of a Choice

    • Character Evolution, Story Momentum, and the Need for Change

  • 26

    Day 26 - Promoting Industry Access with Virtual Pitchfest

    • What to Know About Virtual Pitchfest

    • Free VPF Podcasts

  • 27

    Day 27 - The ISA Development Program

    • Want to Jumpstart Your Career AND Receive Five Pages of Comprehensive Notes?

  • 28

    Day 28 - A Special Extra Lesson from Max Timm, the ISA, and The Story Farm

    • A Craft Course Video Explanation of The Importance of Education

    • Why Writers Block is Bullsh**

    • Reverse Engineer: Adapting a Script Into a Book

    • The Craft in Review

  • 29

    Day 29 - Women In Film

    • Get to Know Women In Film - Become a Member!

    • A Little Research - Female Filmmakers Initiative

    • Women in Film Finishing Fund

  • 30

    Day 30 - Your Final Day!

    • The Whirlwind is Not Over!

    • ISA Podcast Network

    • The Story Farm Consulting and Development with Max Timm


5 star rating

A Valuable Resource

Mike Rogers

Maxx's 30 Day Course is something I have returned to three times since I downloaded the course less than a year ago. The advise is sound and will never go ou...

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Maxx's 30 Day Course is something I have returned to three times since I downloaded the course less than a year ago. The advise is sound and will never go out of date. Great for resetting your foundation. Recommended

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