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Telling the Inside Story Through Structure and Emotion 
with Jen Grisanti

A video presentation by one of the industry's top consultants and instructors. A lecture that you can utilize at your own pace, whenever you like.

(Please note that the video presented here is an edited recording of a previously live event.)

This is one part of the three-day weekend the ISA hosted in Chicago during the May 2017 TV Weekend event. You can purchase all three video presentations and lectures with the TV Writing Video Package here.

The key to becoming a working writer or creating longevity as a working writer is writing a TV pilot script that they can’t ignore. The pilot script is one of the hardest to write. In this 3-hour Master Series class, Jen Grisanti will take you through her story system that has led 42 of her clients to sell their pilots, five of which went to series. Part of her system includes story structure, writing memorable characters and character dynamics, creating a strong internal story and she holds a workshop element on adding fiction to your truth. She discusses the following shows in the presentation - FLEABAG (Amazon), WESTWORLD (HBO) and NIGHT MANAGER (AMC) and recommends that the participants watch the pilots for these shows.

Learn From an Expert

Top TV consultant, Jen Grisanti, will teach you how to write a TV pilot that sells. Having spent years as a Current Programming Executive, Grisanti knows not only what it takes from a business perspective, but she offers a hands-on, immediately supportive approach to educating writers on what it takes to sell material in this town. 

The skills you'll learn in this online video presentation will help you turn your good TV script into a great script, and get you ready to pitch and sell at the highest level. This is a highly competitive industry, so let us help you elevate your craft and your career.

Open to all storytellers – Screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, filmmakers, producers, agents, actors, development executives and more can benefit from this course.


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Jen Grisanti

Mentored by Aaron Spelling, one of the greatest executives and most prolific producers in the business, Jen learned early on how to develop a story and make a script the best it could be before it hit the air. She worked with the executive producers, showrunners and staff of over 15 primetime shows such as:Medium, Numbers, NCIS, Girlfriends, Charmed, Seventh Heaven, Melrose Place, 90210 and many more. She has helped to launch countless writing careers over the last twenty-five years. As a nine-year Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, a 12-year former studio executive and a panelist for the WGA and DGA, she also helped other creative talents see the business through the eyes of an executive. Jen's system for telling and selling story has also led to SEVENTY-FIVE OF HER WRITERS GETTING STAFFED.To learn more about Jen and what she offers for coaching and development, you can go to her

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    Jen Grisanti, and Her Jen Grisanti Consultancy

    • Your TV Writing Expert, Jen Grisanti

    • Writing a TV Pilot That Sells: Telling the Inside Story Through Structure & Emotion - Video