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Breaking Your Story From Moment to Moment

A video presentation by one of the industry's top consultants, and the ISA's Director of Education & Outreach. A lecture that you can utilize at your own pace, whenever you like.

(Please note that the video presented here is a recording of a previously live event.)

This is one part of the three-day weekend the ISA hosted in Chicago during the May 2017 TV Weekend event. You can purchase all three video presentations and lectures with the TV Writing Video Package here.

Audiences will tune in to watch a pilot episode due to the basic conceptual make-up of a particular show, its tone, and possibly a leading actor, but they continue watching the series if and when the well-crafted characters are entertaining, emotionally developed, and intertwined with a unique sequence of recurring and repeated action. What does all of that really mean? What kind of ride will you put your audience on, and more importantly, how do you develop a show that will continually entertain the audience week in and week out? Using examples from the hit NBC drama Timeless, and Netflix’s cult-favorite, Stranger Things, Max will break down the storylines for each show in order to prove how important it is to develop your own show’s recurring moment before ever writing a page of the script.

Learn From an Expert

Max Timm is the Director of Education & Outreach with the ISA, with over a decade of experience in developing written material and writers’ careers. His focus with the ISA is to build a creative community and bring ISA writers closer to managers, agents, and producers. Recently he has helped build the ISA Development Program, submitting writers’ projects on their behalf and helping them launch their careers – ten writers have received options and representation since 2015 because of Max’s direct assistance and support.

 His personal coaching, consulting, and development service, The Story Farm, develops writers and their material much like a studio executive or literary manager would, walking a writer through the rewrite process one draft at a time.

The skills you'll learn in this online video presentation will help you turn your good TV script into a great script, and get you ready to pitch and sell at the highest level. This is a highly competitive industry, so let us help you elevate your craft and your career.

Open to all storytellers – Screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, filmmakers, producers, agents, actors, development executives and more can benefit from this course.

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Lead Mentor and Instructor

Max Timm

The Director of Education with the International Screenwriters’ Association, President of The Story Farm, and VP of Development for Creative Screenwriter Prods, Max has over 16 years of experience in developing material and writers’ careers. Having attended Holy Cross College at Notre Dame and then transferring to Columbia College Chicago to study screenwriting and producing, Max is a Midwesterner and Chicagoan at heart who prides himself on supporting creative people in as many ways possible. Recently he helped build a development slate with the ISA, submitting writers’ projects on their behalf and helping them launch their careers – over 30 writers have received options and/or representation to date because of Max and the Development Slate team's support. His Story Farm consulting service develops writers (from novice to professional) and their material much like a studio executive or manager would, and his online classes, titled The Craft Course in Screenwriting, offer writers outside the Los Angeles area to take part in professional full development. A development consultant, producer, and screenwriting instructor, Max is a screenwriter and author himself. His debut novel, a young adult fantasy adventure titled The WishKeeper, about a teenage fairy with broken wings, won the young adult category of the 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival and released nationwide in the Summer of 2016. He is now shopping the IP as an animated TV series. Max has also served as a part-time instructor at UCLA, and travels nationally speaking at a multitude of industry events such as the Sundance Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Fest, Nashville Writers Conference, and even educating art program teachers through the LA Unified School District. You can find out more about Max's Story Farm Development Coaching Service at

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    Max Timm, The Story Farm Development & Coaching

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