Got Feedback?

Receive specific notes on your pitch and logline + a 1-on-1 Zoom call with Max Timm

Feedback is essential! With a 1-on-1 office hours session, you will receive notes on ONE of your projects' loglines and one-page pitch, and have a 1-on-1, half-hour Zoom call to review and discuss. If you are submitting a TV series, you will submit a Series Logline AND a Pilot Logline, plus the one-page pitch. Within three weeks of submitting your material, you will receive your Zoom meeting and notes directly from Max Timm, the ISA's Director of Education, Co-VP of Creative Screenwriter Prods, and the President of The Story Farm. Any and all questions can be answered on the call. You don't NEED to submit material! You could simply have a half-hour with Max to ask as many questions as you like. So get those materials ready, and submit your project for review. (Please note: this is not a submission service to be considered for representation or industry-related consideration. This is a notes-only service.)

Notes on Your Project!

Receive notes and a 1-on-1 Zoom call within three weeks of submission. Details on how to submit are given after purchase. Or you could book multiple calls and save on bundling your time with Max. You have 1 month after purchase to utilize your 1-on-1 office hours time. If you purchase more than one session, you will have three months to utilize your office hours time. You can email if you have any specific questions.