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3 Class sessions, Open Q&A, Feedback on loglines and ideas. A weekend of pitch education with two executives who pitch for a living.

Your career in screenwriting is more than just writing scripts. Sure, that's the lion share of your time, but you also need to consider your career as a business. If you don't know how to sell yourself and your projects, your business won't go very far. Co-VP's of Development with Creative Screenwriter Prods, and 9-year ISA exectuves, Felicity Wren and Max Timm will spend 3 class sessions with you on Zoom discussing and giving feedback on loglines, pitches, pitch decks on features and Series. All of the elements of putting together the best pitch for you and your project will be discussed and any/all questions you have about the industry in general will be answered! Spend a weekend with us, and let's have some fun getting your projects in the best shape possible.

Class - 9:30am PT to 11:00am PT: Friday, March 31, Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2

    1. Your Class Schedule and Important Info

    2. Voice and Pressure Points Discussion

    3. Audio: Voice - Finding It, Evolving It, Embracing It

    4. The Hook: What is it? How Do I Find It? What Do I Do With It?

    5. Audio for The Hook: What Is It? How Do I Find It? What Do I Do With It?

    1. Essential Elements that Create Your Pitch

    2. Your Logline

    3. Breaking Down Your Logline

    4. Audio: Breaking Down Your Logline

    1. Pitch Examples, Breakdowns, and Summaries

    2. The Pitch - Yourself, Your Project, Your Career

    3. Goals - Changing Your Perspective

    4. A Note on Motivation

    5. Audio for A Note on Motivation

About this course

  • $59.00
  • Prepare yourself and your project by learning from two ISA executives who are in the mix of regularly pitching to studios and production companies
  • A focus on everything from logline development to verbal pitch planning, pitch deck creation and a look behind the industry curtain.

3 Sessions of Pitch Development, Education, and Community