"ISA is clearly one of leading sites for writer and industry resources,
and it seems to be growing by the day.”

- Matt Misetich (Director of Development, Script Pipeline)  

 Based off of the teaching from Max Timm's popular podcast series, The Craft, the ISA launched The ISA Craft Courses in order to allow writers of any skill set and experience level to improve their craft, receive support on individual projects, and be part of an ever-growing community of top screenwriters. 

If you're looking for a thorough, step-by-step process of fully developing your feature or TV screenplay, the ISA's Craft Courses are designed to not only teach you new practices, but explain the development process in a simple way.

Whether you're in New York, Los Angeles, Dublin or Sydney, this class will be available to you to begin at any time. Each week a new lesson with a set of chapters, with both written and audio lectures, will be made available to you. 
The lessons, created by the ISA's Max Timm, will bring you from logline to script, one week at a time and you'll find that in a total of 12 weeks, you will have a fully developed first draft. In addition to the lessons, you can receive weekly creative support via email on the specific assignments given to you in your lessons with the Support + Evaluation coursework. If you would like very hands-on and specific approach multiple times per month, plus support per the business of Hollywood and screenwriting, you should consider Max Timm's personal coaching and script consulting service, The Story Farm


Through the Support + Evaluation course, the project you create during your class time will be evaluated with full notes, rated by the ISA, and may considered to be included in the exclusive ISA Development Program so that your script can be submitted to industry contacts. The ISA Development Program has helped 8 writers receive options and representation in less than a year, and we're looking for more quality material to shop.  

Master Class with Max Timm

The intent with your writing should be for it to get noticed and considered by the industry, so if you're in Los Angeles or not, The Craft Course in Screenwriting or Max Timm's, The Story Farm personal coaching and consulting service, will help you dig in and draw out your unique voice and creativity out so that you can present the best possible script as quickly as possible.     

It is the ISA's goal to offer the most cost-effective way for writers to educate and invest in themselves, and this 12-week online class has been created to offer education and support at a low cost.